Bitzas and oddities based on the Mustang

Pictures of my 68 Stang
Now, beautiful and fast | Rusty when I found it

Texts (if you prefer reading)
Story of a resurrection

Ugly Corral (really specials Stangs)

Images de ma Mustang 68
Maintenant, belle et rapide | Dans l'état où je l'ai trouvée

Textes (si vous préférez lire un peu)
L'histoire d'une résurrection

Special Corral (sélection de Stangs vraiment spéciales)

First Mustang concept-car

First Mustang concept-car in a showroom

4 doors Mustang prototype

4 doors Mustang prototype

Fastest Mustang break ever

Fastest Mustang break ever, with this 427 two-carbs-Hilborn-ised and blown

Fastest Mustang break ever

I bet Lee Iaccoca would have made a Mustang Shooting Brake, in the vein of a Volvo P1800ES :-)

Cool dragster 1968 fastback

Tasca, cool dragster based on a 1968 fastback

4x4 Stang Highrider

4x4 Mustang Highrider