In 2002, I then bought another Westy, but a bigger one

The travelling bus virus was inoculated in me when I was a kid

GROOVALISTIC - a small flat four two...

This bus has been bought in April 1996 at the Swiss military auction, which happens every year.It's a 1979 model (VIN# - 23 92 127 910) and it had only 39'000 km at the odometer when I get it !

After a whole paint job, we found an old Westfalia interior in parts
(a Westfalia Campmobile of 1969). Only two months of hard work, tears and pain after and the bus was ready for holidays. A record !

We made a trip in France during the first two weeks of August
and after more than 2'000 km, from Lacanau-Ocean to DisneyLand-Paris,
everything has worked great and we are waiting with some patience
for the next trip (maybe Greece, in summer 1997)

The only modern stuff we've added inside is a slight sono with CD and 4 speakers
and an outside roll-tent from Fiamma which fits nice and works perfectly,
even when it rains, as we've tested it in September '96
at the VW meeting of Chateau d'Oex (more than 1500 aircooled in the beautifull swiss mountains)

Groovalistic goes paralystic...

Sadly in 1997, I crushed it into a car and then sold it in that state to a guy named Amaury...