Ford Econoline 150 - Chateau
TEC - Travel Equipment Corporation

When we were kids in 1979, my father bought this wonderful van, camperized in USA
by the late TEC factory, located in Elkhart, Indiana

It was based on a Ford Econoline 150 Chateau - 1975 model, boasting a 351 Windsor engine).

Needless to say that in Europa, there were not so many US vans on the roads,
so it was a little sensation when we were driving it.

One of it's main feature was it's pop-top, which when lowered, was really aerodynamical.

Imagine an almost 3 tons beast, cruising on the highways at 160 km/h,
easily passing all the regulars european vans in the roar of it's V8: an amazing memory for the kid I was.

He kept it some years and we have visited some parts of France, Spain and Portugal with it

Sometimes I missed it... I know he sold it to a garage in my town, quite 20 years ago,
but I really don't know what happen to it

Then I get older, but I always liked camping bus for travelling.

My first own one was a VW, the second one a Mercedes. Both Westfalias...